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  • Sophie Runciman

    “Dear Sophie ❤️❤️ I wanna thank you a 1000 One Million Times 😍 Your Work was soooo essential for me!! I love how clear you are, i love how direct you showed me what i can do better, so that i can "transform" people who are interested in my work into clients!! And most of all - i looove the way you do that - you are 1000% professional with a huge heart behind it! You are extremely respectful and you always talk through your heart - especially when you "criticize" something - its definitely the wrong were leading me to so much better results in a very very clear and loving way!! And thats the way i love to learn and thats the way i love to develop myself....and i think thats the only healthy way to do that!! Thank you - thank you - thank you - and yesssss i can only strongly recommend your work to everyone who needs assistance and help in this field! ”

    Professional Musician & Coach

  • Sophie Runciman

    “Thanks to Sophie's empathy and her attentive manner, I have learnt how to really enjoy my sales calls. You can tell that she has many years experience and always knows exactly what to say. She manages to gently point out valuable aspects that I wouldn't have been able to see myself or would not have thought of. After a session with Sophie the pleasant feeling remains, just like if I had been speaking with a good friend!”

    Fertility Coach

  • Sophie Runciman

    “Sophie is like a friendly shining sun, with tremendous power behind it. She combines her expertise from decades as a manager of international teams in well-known corporate firms with her unique ability to listen patiently and without judgement, in order to then gently but firmly guide the customer in the direction that brings about real progress. Things that seemed like major blocks at first fall by the wayside, and things that previously seemed insurmountable succeed all of sudden and even become fun (!), And the result is very clear. Sophie gets everyone she works with to take the necessary steps to succeed.”

    International Coach & Entrepreneur

  • Sophie Runciman

    “Thanks to her incredibly charming, open and authentic way of conducting her sales trainings, Sophie even managed to enable me to approach the topic of sales with ease and joy. It is actually an art to leave all options open to your prospect, not exert any pressure, yet not let go of the strings either. Sophie has mastered these skills like a true master and it is a lot of fun to work with her. Thank you, dear Sophie, for sharing your great knowledge and skills with us!”

    Hypnotherapist & Coach

Struggling on your own and not getting the results you want is no fun at all. Especially since you know that the people who come on your sales calls actually do need your help, else they wouldn't have booked the call with you in the first place, would they! It's time for you to shine NOW!

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So many coaches don't even realise they are leaving money on the table! Get clarity & confidence, discover profit leaks, perfect your sales process, and look forward to welcoming your new clients.

Individual Call Analysis

If you're not recording your sales calls yet, then you must start now! Send a recording of a call that you really should have closed and get professional feedback to help speed up your progress.

Outsourcing Options

If you definitely do not want to sell your own programs or if you want to hire an online coach to host your weekly live zoom coaching calls, then click here. I can either help myself or ask my network.