More Clients. More Success.

More Freedom.



I help coaches transform how they feel about selling and get phenomenal results.

How does this work? I help you clear any inner resistance and guide you to raise your prices and become fully aligned with your sales process.

Within a short space of time sales conversations feel so much more natural, and as you become more confident more prospects say YES! A Win Win situation!

There’s No One Size Fits All

There’s no formula.

There’s only your unrelenting determination to succeed!

I’m Sophie Claire Runciman. My background is in corporate sales, working for a variety of well-known firms, including an international luxury brand where I helped launch and run its first European online boutique in 2012. In September 2017, I took a leap of faith, left my corporate career and began working in online coaching full time.

If there’s one thing I see a lot of? It's coaches doing excellent work, yet not charging enough for the value they bring and feeling super uncomfortable when it comes to selling their services.

'Just wanting to help people', does not fill your bank account. Sadly, I see many coaches who crave huge success, but get stuck in old belief structures along the way, and then come to the conclusion that it’s probably just "not meant to be" for them.

You want success? You have to decide it’s going to work. And take the steps to get you there!

It takes courage! I know!

I spent my entire career striving for success, moving up the career ladder, burning out, making a change, then falling back into that pattern. I worked for some amazing companies and made huge profits for them. Seen from the outside, I appeared successful.

But… I had lost track of who I was, what I really wanted to do, and who I really wanted to be.

After a year of high pressure corporate sales in Frankfurt, not knowing how to set boundaries and ultimately just living for the job, I left. Within 14 days I had packed up my entire apartment, put my stuff in storage, and moved back to the UK to start a PGCE at Oxford University and train to be a teacher. Some of my expat clients told me I’d be good at teaching, and I reasoned it would give me a sense of purpose and a “safe” job I could always fall back on.

But teaching did not prove to be any less frantic! And it did not feel like my purpose. I realised painfully that teaching kids how to speak about colours, body parts and modes of transport in a foreign language was not really fulfilling, much as I loved the kids. I found myself secretly envying the school psychologist and wishing I could get to know the kids more deeply and really make a difference in their lives.

Three years later I was contacted out of the blue by the HR department of a global luxury brand and asked whether I would consider joining a newly-formed team for their maison’s first ever e-commerce department. I was excited, accepted the offer and began selling beautiful gifts to high end customers over the phone in various languages, and I loved it.

It’s amazing how a particular environment helps us transform. After a few short months, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to sell a pen for $1000, or a watch for $27,000. I was introduced to the world of premium products, where quality wins over quantity, and enhancing the customer experience was of utmost importance.

After 5 years, 2 promotions, and getting my coaching qualification on the side, I was ready to take a HUGE step towards what my heart and soul really wanted to do, i.e. make a difference in people’s lives on a deeper level. In 2017 I left the corporate world, which had been my home since leaving university exactly 20 years earlier!

It was a big step! And a step I never regretted. Much as I loved my jobs, my colleagues, business partners and customers, I was finally free to lead my life on my terms, serve people I want to serve, partner with colleagues I choose to partner with and above all, have time freedom and financial freedom with gains beyond what would have ever been possible had I stayed in my previous roles.

Now I get to help coaches who HATE selling turn this around, so they succeed at what they do. They get to learn what I learned but much faster: how to get their premium money mindset to the top level and sell 5-figure products and services with ease. 

My clients learn selling techniques, of course, and they get to understand the world of premium coaching and why they want this too. My clients get everything I have learned, been trained for, and excelled at -- plus all my resources and networks. I just love seeing their success!

Are you ready to sell at the highest level? Book a call with me and let’s explore whether I can add a ton of value to your business too.

My Academic Background:

  • PBSP psychotherapy qualification
  • NLP Practitioner
  • IPM Communications Coaching
  • Goldradt Management Training
  • Post Grad Certificate of Education, Oxford University
  • Access Consciousness
  • Regularly attend seminars, trainings & workshops on sales / personal development / spirituality
  • Masters & Bachelor (Hons), Contemporary European Studies, Loughborough University

My message to you: Everything IS possible!

You can do whatever you decide you want to do!

And I will be with you the whole of the way, supporting you step by step, so that you start signing up your perfect-for-you clients and growing your business! I'll listen to you, have your back, encourage you in moments where you want to give up and help you look forwards and follow your goals. As nice as I come across, have no doubt, I can be firm and demanding where necessary! I am also kind, patient and understanding and will lovingly push you forwards, towards your success.

Above all, I absolutely love watching my clients succeed, and celebrating their successes, most probably, more than you do yourself!